I am an enthusiastic, self-directed, highly creative math educator focused on providing innovative teaching approaches and student development in a college environment.

This e-folio is a fluid project showcasing my professional growth and development, reference for works related to my math instructing career, technology accomplishments, and a convenient way to share my materials with others.

I currently work at the College of Micronesia, Federated States of Micronesia, Pohnpei Campus.

I am looking forward to starting a PhD program using my strengths in technology and education.

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  • » Experienced Online Instructor
  • »Online Researcher and Designer
  • »Develope, Create, and Present Online Lectures: YouTube: picrustable
  • »Created and Sustain picrust.us
  • »Attentive to Student Learning and Success
  • » Familiar with Student Retention, Veteran Awareness, and Disability Services

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